Espoo day is celebrated again 30.-31.8.2019

In 2019, the Espoo Day will be held as a two-day city celebration 30.0-31. August. Espoo Day is Espoo’s largest annual city event, which gathers more than 70 000 visitors each year to events spread across the city. All events at the Espoo Day are free of charge. City dwellers can either be a self-doing event or be a visitor to experience new experiences.

Upcoming events in Espoo Day

The opening of Espoo Day will be celebrated on Friday, 30 August at 10 on Viaporintori in Leppävaara. The community artwork Lintukatoby visual artists Essi Ruuskanen and Tuuli Huovila will be celebrated during the [...]

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Programme application starts on Monday 6 May

Entertaining events that are not religious, political or commercial are suitable for the Espoo Day programme. Event suggestions can be submitted on the Espoo Day website at espoopäivä.fi. Events submitted by Sunday 2 June [...]