3 ways to celebrate the Espoo Day

Organize an event

Espoo Day is based on non-profit events created by local people. Therefore hosting your own event is a great way to take part in celebration of the city. You can find some tips and instructions on how to organize an event from our website or from the  Instructions for event organisers created by the city of Espoo

If hosting your own event is not possible or you are not interested in doing so, you can always participate in someone else’s event. Take a look of the Espoo Day event listing and see what kinds of events are created in your neighbourhood. Or maybe you could do a tour around the city and get yourself familiar with other sides of Espoo as well?


Have a yard sale

This year you can participate in Espoo Day by hosting your own flea market or yard sale. The theme for this years Espoo Day is circular economy, so we want to encourage everyone to participate in celebration of the city by either selling your useless belongings or looking for hidden treasures from other’s yard sales. You can either register your own yard sale or come and sell your belongings individually for example in Träskända park.

Did you know that the Espoo Day happens to be the same date as the national Cleaning Day? Now is a great chance to get rid of your useless belongings, celebrate the city of Espoo and participate in national event! 


Celebrate with a picnic

Have you ever had a picnic in Träskända park? Or on your own livingroom floor or backyard? This year we want to encourage everyone to celebrate Espoo Day with a picnic. Remember to share your picnic moments with hashtag #espooday and tag us @espoopaiva so we can collect all the picnics together.

You can also take a look at our Espoo Day event listing to see if there is events you could participate in and have a picnic before, during or after the event.

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