Businesses <3 Espoo Day

Espoo’s largest city event, Espoo Day, is getting a fresh twist in 2024 by inviting businesses to join in with their own activities. Espoo Day takes place on the last weekend of August, allowing for a variety of content to be featured. On Friday, August 30th, activities requiring participant fees can be registered as part of the Espoo Day program, while Saturday, August 31st, will be full of entirely free events. Espoo Day has become a joyous celebration for the whole Espoo and it encourages both residents and visitors to discover new experiences and services within their local neighborhoods and also across the whole city. Espoo Day provides a fantastic opportunity to capture the attention of city residents by showcasing companies and organizations from a new perspective in honor of the city’s special day.

Where to start?

  1. Espoo Day is a celebration, so your content should be somewhat out of the ordinary.

  2. Campaigns, open doors, themed products (such as Espoo Day buns), carnival atmosphere, special products, or services are all great additions to the program.

  3. Collaborate with other local organizations in the area.

We’re hosting open “Ask About Espoo Day” sessions on Teams for all participating in Espoo Day on the following dates:

Tuesday, March 19th, at 4 PM

Tuesday, April 16th, at 4 PM

Tuesday, May 14th, at 4 PM

Tuesday, June 11th, at 4 PM

  1. If your company organizes free activities, you can register them for either Friday, August 30th, or Saturday, August 31st.
  2. If your company offers paid content, it should be registered for Friday’s program.

  3. All event-related content will be included in Espoo Day’s two-day event calendar. Other content, such as campaigns, will be compiled separately.

  4. The content should be registered as part of Espoo Day through by the end of June. For assistance and further information on planning your content, please contact the Espoo Day team.

  5. After registering your program, you will receive Espoo Day marketing materials. The Espoo Day team will communicate and market the entirety of Espoo Day, while each participant will also promote their own program through their channels.

  6. All participating companies will receive an Espoo Day sticker and poster template to be displayed in a window or other visible location, signaling their participation in Espoo Day.