New creative community to be launched in Espoo in spring 2024

City Events Espoo is piloting a new creative network, Espoo Lab, which brings together people from Espoo and those interested in Espoo’s urban culture. Our aim is to enable the creation of a new type of urban life in Espoo by supporting the realisation of creators’ ideas.

Who is the network for?

The network aims to launch a new, fresh and innovative urban culture in Espoo, bringing together like-minded creative people. The network is open to freelancers, city residents, small organisations and associations from Espoo or interested in community-based event-making in Espoo. The passion of the authors can be urban phenomena, art, different cultural fields, nature and environment, sports or even food culture.

Something that the people of the network have in common is the interest in creating a distinctive urban culture through their own ideas or through a jointly developed plan.

In the launch year 2024, Espoo Lab network members will be eligible for production support to create content for Espoo Day. We hope that people who have yet to create events for Espoo Day will apply to this network.

How does the network work?

Year 2024 will be a pilot year for the network, with the aim of boldly testing what kind of culture the network will develop. Meetings will be held every 1 to 2 months and members will be able to join to meet interesting guests and take part in discussions to create new connections and collaborative projects.

Apply by 10.3.

Apply for the Espoo Lab pilot by filling in this form by 10.3. The City Events team will select the members from the applications based on the Espoo Day objectives.The first meeting of those selected will be on Wednesday 20.3.2024 at 14.00. Details of the meeting will be sent to the selected participants a week before the meeting.