Everyone is invited and welcomed

Anyone can make program to Espoo Day. The program can be small or bigger or even online. Events can be anything from a piknik to a music-performance together in your neighborhood. Or maybe you want to organize workshops, exhibitions, nature walks, panel discussion or even dog shows! Espoo Day is an event from citizens to citizens in which you can be a part of in the most simplest ways.

All Espoo Day events must be free and non-profit. Events has also to be non-political and non-religious. Together we can organize a low-threshold celebration for all! From the city of Espoo website you can find instructions and tips on how to create an event in Espoo

This year, we welcome especially different kinds of small-scale events and various virtual events to join Espoo Day, the largest annual city event in Espoo. All events must be registered through the registration link  which has now been opened. We recommend to registrate your event as soon as its location, duration and other important aspects have been decided. The sooner your event is published the better visibility it will accomplish.

This years theme is circular economy. You can use it as an inspiration and guideline if you want to but your event can still be whatever you want to.

How to organise a small-scale event on Espoo Day

During the coronavirus pandemic, it is especially important that all event organisers take account of proactive safety measures and the Government’s restrictions when preparing their event. When organising an Espoo Day event, please also read the instructions for event organisers. On these pages you can find the most important instructions and tips that will help you organise your event. Public events are monitored by various organisations and authorities, and event organisers have to take care of the required permits, notifications and arrangements well before their events.

Take account of accessibility requirements to create an event that is truly open to all Espoo residents. Further information about accessibility is available for example on Culture For All website.

Virtual Espoo Day events

Due to the coronavirus situation, Espoo Day will also feature virtual events. Virtual events can be organised in two different ways – by filming a video beforehand or as a live event, for example a live stream. Espoo Day team will collect virtual events to the Urban Espoo webiste. The registration form will ask whether you are doing a live or virtual event so you can do the registration the same way apart of the form of your event. If you have any questions on how to organize an online event, please contact espoo.paiva@espoo.fi