Register your event and become part of Espoo day 2021

You can register your event as a part of Espoo day program with the form below. Registration will be open until August. However please note that by registering your event by the end of May, you make sure that your event may be involved and presented on the official marketing channels of Espoo day.

Here are some common instructions on how to register your event:

1) You do not have an account yet? You can do registration without it, just write your email below and an user account is being created for you automatically. Your password will be sent to your email, after you have finished and sent the registration form.

2) Take your time when filling the registration form so informations are written correctly and people can find your event better.  For example write the name of the area your event is being organized at the end of the program place (Ahertajantie 5, Tapiola for instance. It is easier to do registration once properly than editing it afterwards. 

2) Organizer? My name/organization can not be found on the list? You can add yourself as a organizer by clicking the “Hallinnoi järjestäjiä” icon. You can do the same thing with program location if the location you have chosen is not on the list already.

3) You have sent your registration but the program can not be found on the Events page? All the registrations are being checked by the Espoo day team to make sure that every information is being written correctly. This may take a few days, but if it seems that multiple days have gone by and your event can still not be seen, please send an email to  

4) Too many problems and the registration seems too difficult to do? Please contact and hopefully we can solve the problems together.

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