Registering events for the program

We are doing this year’s Espoo Day event calendar as part of Visit Espoo’s event calendar. Event registration will therefore be done through Visit Espoo’s website, and the entire program for Espoo Day can be found on Visit Espoo’s pages. Below you’ll find instructions on how to register your program for Espoo Day.

Instructions for event registration

  1. Log in to the service and create an organizer profile in Visit Espoo’s event calendar if you don’t already have one. Instructions can be found here.
  2. You can start creating your event after creating the organizer profile. Detailed instructions created by Visit Espoo can be found here.
  3. When registering your event as part of Visit Espoo’s event calendar, you can choose from various current topics, themes, and tags. These allow visitors to access separate pages where events of a certain time or theme are gathered.
  4. For Espoo Day events under the ‘Current events’ menu, select Espoo Day 2024.
  5. You can choose a theme for the event that best describes it. For example, a nature excursion would fit the nature & well-being theme.
  6. In addition to these, we use tags on our own theme page, from which you can choose the one that best describes your event: nature, well-being, art, culture, museum, children, music, sports. This way, we can highlight events on the Espoo Day theme page by topic.
  7. We go through all Espoo Day event registrations, so if any tag or hashtag is missing, we will add it to the event registration.
  8. You can also edit your own events afterwards, and it’s advisable to keep the text, images, and details up to date.
  9. Please note that all events on Saturday, August 31, must be free. Paid programs can be held on Friday, August 30.

We invite all Espoo-based companies to participate in Espoo Day. Companies can approach Espoo Day through their own activities by organizing, for example, an open day or some Espoo Day campaign.  

  1. If you organize an event as a company, you can register it in Visit Espoo’s event calendar like other events.  Therefore, all event-related content is included in the two-day event calendar for Espoo Day.

  2. Other content, such as campaigns, will be compiled into their own program. Campaigns are registered as part of Espoo Day with their own form, and we will compile a page for campaigns in the summer.

  3. Please register your company’s Espoo Day content by the end of June either in Visit Espoo’s event calendar or using the form that will be published later .