Register your event for the programme

We are inviting you to register your event for the Espoo Day programme and event calendar. The registration will be open until 26 August. The sooner you register your event, the more coverage and advance marketing it will be involved in. 

When you send the form, the Espoo Day team will review it. After the review, your event will be published on the event calendar. Once your event is approved, you will receive a confirmation email and a link to the marketing website. 

Instructions for filling in the form: 

1) By filling in the form below, you are registering your event as a part of Espoo Day. If your event will undergo any changes, please submit the new information to 

2) If you want to register multiple individual events, please register them one at a time. Please note that all Espoo Day events on 26 August must have free admission. 

Do you have questions? Please contact us by emailing:

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