Espoo juhlii! 22.–27.8.

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Let's celebrate together!

Espoo celebrates!

The year 2022 marks 50 years since Espoo was declared a city, and to celebrate this, we decided to expand the traditional Espoo Day into a whole week of festivities! Espoo residents can participate in Espoo Celebrates! week either by organising an event or by participating in events or activities organised by others. Espoo Celebrates! week will take place in the last week of the month, from 22 to 27 August. There may be an entrance fee to some events held from Monday 22 to Friday 26 August. You can find the details of all the Espoo Celebrates! events in the event calendar.

What is Espoo Day? 

Espoo Day is a celebration for all Espoo residents, held every year on the last Saturday of August. In 2022, Espoo Day takes place on 27 August, but the celebrations start the preceding Monday! Everyone in Espoo can join Espoo Day festivities by organising events across the city. Traditionally, a large number of local communities, companies and other organisers take part in the event. Over the years, the programme has included music performances, open-air dance, outdoor cinema screenings, a roller skating disco and many other fun activities. Events organised on Espoo Day, 27 August, are free of charge and open to all. You can find the details of all the Espoo Day events in the event calendar.

History behind Espoo Day

Since 2010, the Espoo Day event has been celebrated every year on the last Saturday of August. The roots of Espoo Day date back to several past decades when the city was celebrated at various village festivals and theme events. Officially, an event called Espoo Day was first held in 1992, which is the same year when Espoo celebrated its 20th anniversary as a city. The event was held on 27 August, which is the day when the founding document of Espoo Manor was signed in 1556.