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  1. Musical Picnic in the park

    •  28.8.2020
    • 15:00–16:00
    •  Behind Opinmäki school
    • Lillhemtintie 1, Espoo, Suomi
    •  International School of Music
    •  Esteetön tapahtuma
    •  Kestolinkki

    Come and join us for a fun and free session of making music with your children! The Music Playschool teachers from the International School of Music Finland will lead participants in musical games and fun exercises, introduce to different instruments. Come and try it out!
    This event is for parents and children aged 0-7. Bring your own blanket to create a safe spot, as well as a pair of wooden spoons, wooden sticks or spatulas to use as improvised instruments. 🙂