Create your own event as a part of Espoo's biggest celebration!

Are you interested in creating a small or large event as a part of Espoo Day? Great! Whether you are an entrepreneur, an association representative or an active Espoo resident, we invite you to organise festivities with us!

The last Saturday of August has been dedicated to Espoo Day since 2019. This year, Espoo Day is celebrated for two days, on Friday and Saturday 30 and 31 August. It is an event for the whole city that consists of a programme organised by the residents. All kinds of events can be included in Espoo Day. You can organise a picnic in a park for your neighbourhood, a music performance or a park yoga session! However, Espoo Day is not intended for heavily political or religious messages.

Events on Espoo Day the 31st of August are open for all and free of charge.

Instructions for organising your own event

To register your own event for Espoo Day, you can do so through Visit Espoo’s event calendar. Registration opens in May. You can find instructions for registration here.

When planning an event, your first concern may be where you will organise it. Espoo offers many wonderful venues since we have several parks, squares, beaches and other places for various types of events.

On Espoo Day, the use of the Espoo’s land areas is free, and there is no need to submit a land use permit application for it. However, please find out who manages the specific area and whether there are other events planned for the area. You can find information about other events in the event calendar or by contacting

Here you can find more information about the event venues.

Depending on the event’s size and nature, organising an event in the city may require various permits and notifications. The organisation of public events and occasions is supervised by various authorities and operators, and the organiser must take care of the required permits, notifications and arrangements well before the event date. You can find more information about permits and how to apply for them here.

On Espoo Day, events may exceptionally be organized on city land without a separate land use permit. Depending on the size and content of the event, other permits must be duly obtained. Please note that there may be other events in the same area.

You can find the city’s land areas on Espoo’s map service (top left menu – Select what information is shown on the map – Maps – Land ownership of the City).

If the event is not on city land, permission must be obtained from the landowner.

When organising an event, you should also look at its environmental impact. Here you can find more information about environmental matters to consider when organising an event. Let’s work together to keep our nature and environment clean!

Espoo is a city of equality, and we aim to make our events accessible to all. Accessibility includes a venue that can be physically accessed by all, clear communication that is easy to understand, and visitors feeling like they are welcome. We hope that event organisers will also pay attention to accessibility. Here you can find information about making your event as accessible as possible.